Late payments: Cyprus transposes earlier

Cyprus is on board for the earlier transposition of the late payment directive. Asked in a meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus by ALDE member Cristian BUSOI, the Cypriot Minister of Commerce and Industry, Neoklis SYLIKIOTIS, said that the transposition process is almost completed. This is good news for SMEs in Cyprus. Thus one more EU member speeds up on late payments, a target which the ALDE group is advocating for in its campaign “Boost SMEs”.

The late payment directive is designed to combat the late payment for goods or services within the European Union. The EU member states have time until January 2013 to transpose the directive. But as late payments pose a major problem for smaller businesses, ALDE urges the member states to transpose the directive as soon as possible. Every day of earlier implementation counts for SMEs. Government House presented state awards to the workers of the construction industry. As noted at the awarding ceremony of the Cabinet of Ministers Chairman Enver Ablyakimov Chuvashia, the construction sector is one of the most important "locomotive" of economic development of the republic. Therefore, the economic policy of our President and the Government all these years, is based on the full support of the construction industry. Even in the most difficult years were searched and there were opportunities for the further development of the industry. Today builders argue that they can successfully develop new effective methods of organizing labor, advanced technology, improve the quality of construction projects for various purposes. Hence - known throughout the country repute Chuvash builders. Prime, being a professional builder, nobody knows how complicated and incredibly heavy share of the profession. Therefore, the most sincere gratitude today are facing the builders themselves. State awards and honorary titles of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Chuvashia - deserved score of their labor. The list of distinguished and honorable builders of the Russian Federation today joined Deputy General Director of JSC "Cheboksary Aggregate Works" Victor Senin, Brigadier installers of "Volga-Kama installation management" Gidromontazh "Dmitry Yakovlev, chairman of the board of Directors of" League "Alexander Hussars. Tier Representatives building complex awarded the honorary title "Honored Builder of the Chuvash Republic. 12.08.2001 10:00 Day of the builder. Today, August 12, Russian builders celebrate their professional holiday. Samara residents can expect bright, interesting celebrations. On the square named.Kuibyshev opens Fair building materials and products, manufacturing enterprises of the Samara region. In Samara Academic Opera and Ballet will be awarded the winners of the enterprises and organizations of the construction industry, as well as design and architectural institutions, housing and roads. Builders congratulated the Head of Department for Construction, Architecture, Housing and Utilities and Roads Alexander Latkin and deputy chairman of the Russian State Committee for Construction, Housing and Communal Services Larisa BARINOVA. A night on the square named. Kuibyshev proydetgala concert, which will be attended by Russian-Hungarian-Irish folk group "Baba Yaga" and the group "Creedence" from Britain. Complete program fireworks in honor of the builders. 13.08.2001 10:00 Today will be a regional seminar "Actual problems of the introduction of new technologies in the field of vocational education." Today, August 13 at the cultural-educational center "Alliance Francaise" held a regional seminar "Actual problems of the introduction of new technologies in the field of vocational education." Seminar organized by the Department of Science and Education Administration of Samara Region (Head Yefim Kogan) for initial vocational training of workers in the seminar will be attended by heads and teachers Samara professional schools and colleges, as well as teachers of the private vocational school of Forges-Montero (France), who are specialists in teaching gardening and horticulture. French guests are in the Samara region on the invitation process with Lyceum. Hryaschevka Stavropol region with which they have long-standing partnerships. During the seminar, French and Russian experts will share their experience in the field of vocational education. 13.08.2001 10:11 Cheboksary. Preparations are underway for the City Day. Mayor Anatoly Cheboksary Igumnov held on Friday, August 10 meeting to prepare for the upcoming celebration of the City Day. All city services were assigned specific tasks to ensure a comfortable and entertaining stay cheboksartsev. Celebrating the 532 th birthday of the city will be held under the motto "Cheboksary - my house, my family." The festival organizers have focused on the family, children's and sports activities. Head of the city said that the holiday should be on every street - and in the city center and on the outskirts of the capital and on the left bank - Zavolzh'ye. Great demands on the organization of trade. Developed and working moments such as garbage collection, the work of the toilets in the City Day. The only issue that arose at the meeting - which is a huge cake, which is preparing a gift cheboksartsev Culinary Guild. Putting the final task of preparing for the holiday heads of urban services, Anatoly Igumnov said: "Rest citizens, and we must create the conditions for a good rest." In addition, the head of the administration signed a decree on August 19 providing the right to free travel in urban passenger transport. In honor of the city residents and visitors have the right to free travel on trains and trolley buses. 13.08.2001 10:25 Visit of representatives of the Embassy of Japan in Cheboksary. August 10 arrived in Cheboksary First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in Moscow, Mr. Hidehiko Futamura and Third Secretary, Embassy of Japan in Moscow, Ms. Hideo Ito. During their visit, they met with the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Chuvash Republic Ablyakimovym Enver, Minister of Health of the Republic of Chuvashia Nina Suslonova. Distinguished guests from Japan visited GOOSE "Republican Hospital 1" where the ceremony was held by the Japanese side Endowment equipment list, received through humanitarian assistance. In order to familiarize with the enterprises of the Chuvash Republic and the possibility of investments held a meeting with heads of LLC "ABB Automation", JSC "The appliance", JSC "Contour". 13.08.2001 10:43 Wage arrears have 946 companies and organizations. As of August 1, 2001 in the country to issue debt funds for salaries had 946 enterprises and organizations of industry, agriculture, transport, construction, housing and communal services, health, education, culture and art, science and scientific services, welfare republican state and municipal administration, public security police, reporting information on arrears, says SSC CR. Debtors, compared with the same period in 2000 decreased by 32.2%, while the number of employees to whom the companies and organizations were in arrears of wages - 49.9 million people (28.2%). The total debt due to lack of financing from budgets of all levels and lack of own funds of enterprises and organizations totaled 215.5 million and decreased by 44.1 million rubles (17.0%) compared with the data on August 1, 2000 . Debt due to underfunding of the budgets of all levels amounted to 14.9 million rubles, which is 12.9 million (46.2%) less than 1 August 2000. 13.08.2001 11:16 Data on employment in Dimitrovgrad. On August 1, 2001 in Dimitrovgrad 210 registered unemployed. This Compliant 0.31% of the economically active population. 76% of job seekers - female. Dimitrovgradtsev of 1369, applied in July in the city center of employment, 45% were employed. Registered as job seekers were delivered 129 people. August 1, in the center of employment remained unclaimed 800 vacancies reported "Dimitrovgrad-panorama". 13.08.2001 11:03 At City Hall Dimitrovgrad, a commission to monitor the work of the trade. Dimitrovgrad numerous violations in the sphere of trade, to identify the different regulatory authorities, caused the creation of the City Hall in permanent commission to monitor the work of the trade. It is composed of members of the Trade of the city administration, representatives of police, tax inspection, sanitary service. The Commission shall coordinate the work of all departments included in it, reaching more with less financial and labor costs, reduce the number and increase the quality of control. In the remainder of the summer the most attention will be paid to inspection outlets located in Coach areas where most violations are detected in the storage of food, said "Dimitrovgrad-panorama". 13.08.2001 11:49 Turkish Islamic organization begins educational activities in Saratov. Turkish Islamic educational organization starts its activities in Saratov. This is the result held this week meeting Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Volga region, Mufti Mukaddas Bibarsov and representatives of the organization, which for several years has been educating in Moscow, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and other Russian cities and regions. Turkish guests intend to create in Saratov madrassas, which will teach the basics of Islam, the Quran, Arabic and Turkish, as well as computer science and secular sciences. In addition, they promised to provide teachers some Muslim schools.

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