Increasing trust in cross-border commerce

Less than 10% of EU companies sell cross border within the EU and the majority of them limits themselves to a maximum of only 3 different member states. When it comes to online sales, 43 % of EU consumers have purchased goods or services (mainly films, music, books, software) online in the last year. Europe still lags behind the US and Asian markets are quickly catching up.

The obstacles for SMEs to benefit from e-commerce in the single market have been addressed yesterday at an ALDE conference at the European Parliament within the context of its campaign “Boost SMEs!”. The contributions of two panels highlighted the various obstacles as well as proposals on how to overcome these obstacles. From 10 to 15 August will take X International Meeting of Young Astronomers. In the period from 10 to 15 August in the health camp "Lada" (n. Zolnoe) Samara Palace of children and teenagers with the support of the Department of Science and Education Administration of Samara Region (Head Yefim Kogan) holds X International Meeting of Young Astronomers. In the rally will be attended by representatives of the CIS countries: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia (100). Earlier, similar events held in the territory of Belarus and Ukraine. Participants of the rally will be the winners of regional, provincial, national competitions and scientific conferences of students. The event will be a competition of observers in four sections: Sun, meteors, objects in our galaxy, planets. At the time of the Meeting at the camp will be installed three telescopes for observing celestial objects. August 14 will host a scientific-practical conference where participants will present their research work, and August 15 will summarize and awarding diplomas and prizes, according to the management of information policy coordination and interaction with the media Samara region. 10.08.2001 10:08 Building a new museum cosmonaut Nikolayev. September 5, the birthday of the cosmonaut Nikolayev should open its doors in Shorshely Space Museum. The first floor of the museum will consist of showrooms. On the second floor of the building will be classrooms, they will be ready later. Construction went hurried move only after the visit of the President of Chuvashia region. Mariinsky Posad district administration urgently allocated for the construction loan - 2.5 rubles. Local sponsors also found another 400 thousand rubles. The total cost of the project - 4.2 million rubles. Old museum is closed. There are plans to restore the church again, which has been to the museum. 10.08.2001 10:31 Ulyanovsk region learns from the mistakes of others. The delegation arrived in the Ulyanovsk region Chuvashia to learn from others' mistakes. Problems that could solve debugging a few years ago, today there are in the Ulyanovsk region - said the Deputy Governor of the Ulyanovsk region on the economy Dmitry Hudz at today's press conference at the Government House. This is the first visit of the delegation of the Ulyanovsk region in Chuvashia, since the last 8 years, all due to government level between the two regions were interrupted. Contacted only diaspora territories. Delegation with representatives of the ministries and departments of the Ulyanovsk region, visited the Ministry of Chuvashia Chuvashia and Novocheboksarskaya textile factory "Pique", noting that the textile industry neighbors many common problems. Guests talked about the experimental work of juries, the problems on housing, in particular the decision to issue debt for energy. The Government of the Ulyanovsk region represented by the chairman Committee on Enterprise Yuri Esipov, Head Committee to support the development of small business mayoralty Vladimir Malinin, Deputy. mayor of Ulyanovsk on construction Trubachyov Alexander, deputy head of the legal department of the regional administration Marina Selivyorstova 10.08.2001 10:22 Krasnoyarsk. Preparing for the exhibition "Harvest Festival - 2001." Today in the management of regional policy Krasnoyarsk Krai Administration held a meeting to discuss the progress in the preparation of the exhibition-fair "Harvest Festival - 2001." The meeting was attended by the First Deputy Head of the EMS "City of Norilsk" Alexander Novak, Head of the Department of Economic Development Andrey Reznikov territory, director of the municipal administration of Norilsk trade Sergey Mukhin, director of "Norilsk Food Corporation" Svetlana Fours, Head of the Department for Regional Policy Vadim Medvedev and Deputy Chief of the socio-economic development of rural Vyacheslav Tsvetkov. "Harvest Festival - 2001" will be held September 8-9 in Norilsk, the initiative were made by a single administration of the municipality and the association southern districts of the province. The fair will be attended by agricultural producers of the 14 central and southern areas of the region. The main goal of the event is to further strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation between the Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk manufacturers, development cooperation and the southern edge of the northern territories. During the fair presentation of the planned agricultural production on marginal producers Norilsk market their direct acquaintance with Norilsk buyers' evaluation on the ground, "the competitiveness of its product. According to the director, "Norilsk Food Corporation" Svetlana Fours, Krasnoyarsk producers will personally show and tell the Norilsk about their products, thereby disproving once and for all the rumors about her low as distributed by unscrupulous competitors. Since such event will be held in Norilsk first, now the organizers are hard preparatory work, trying to provide all the nuances. Work on the improvement and holiday decoration of the city market, the market square will be installed colorful containers, and in the market building - counters and booths each district party. During the fair held festivities, performances of creative groups of Norilsk. The organizers hope that this will be a real feast for the townspeople. 10.08.2001 10:33 In Turuhanskom area covered 90 hectares of forest fire. In Turuhanskom District, Krasnoyarsk Territory has developed severe fire hazard. There on fire 90 acres remote logging sites. Logging stopped there for a long time, but these areas are heavily littered. Now firefighters can not deliver because of debris on the felling technique, so the fire continues to spread. Foresters and firefighters have practically hand rake piles of garbage and put the fire out. More large fires currently burning in the Yenisei, and Boguchan Abansky areas. Cause virtually all fires is careless handling of fire in the forest. According to experts of forest protection, because berry and mushroom pickers in the Territory occurs daily over a dozen new outbreaks of fire. 10.08.2001 10:35 Preparing for the All-Russian Census. In the Krasnoyarsk region is preparing for the All-Russian population census, which will be held from 9 to 16 October 2002. According to the Head of the Department of Census and demographic statistics of the regional committee of statistics Liubov Vasilyeva in preparation identified 14 thousand inhabitants of the region, living without passports 41tys. lives on invalid passports, 38 thousand live in the Territory without registration, 17 thousand retired people are not checked out, nine thousand children under the age of 14 years are not written in the registration card, the card every apartment or house registers. During the second stage of preparatory work will be drawn up lists of houses and villages. To date specified and described the border towns, districts, rural administrations, ordered the names of streets, the numbering of houses, apartments, manufactured schematic maps of the plans of urban settlements and large villages. Now completed checking the completeness and accuracy of population registration. 10.08.2001 10:38 Data on the receipt of funds in the budget for July 2001. In July, the budgets of all levels received 3 billion 920 thousand rubles. This is nearly 1.3 times more than the same period last year. Territorial treasury received 1 billion 876 million rubles. or 48% of total revenues, reported "Narodnaya Gazeta". Continue reading